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Our desire is that helloHOPE would be a source of encouragement, hope, and strength for families facing medical adversity. We believe that the Lord can strengthen and sustain us in ways that no one else can. Our prayer is that He would meet each person who visits our site or interacts with our resources in a practical and tangible way. Whether you’ve been following us for a while or this is your first time visiting helloHOPE, we’ve prayed this prayer for grace for you…

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Heavenly Father, thank you for your love and promises. And thank you for sending Jesus so that when we pray through difficulty, joy, anxiety, and thankfulness, he empathizes with us.

You know that there’s brokenness throughout our world and that we feel the effects of it on a daily basis. The illnesses and diagnoses that our community faces are some of many examples of this. So today we ask for your mercy to cover these families.

For the parents who are fighting for their children, holding onto hope, working to provide, and battling worry, we ask for your mercy to meet them. May they find rest in you, provision in you, and peace and hope through your promises.

For the children that are facing the anxiety, discomfort, and loneliness of a diagnosis, we ask for your mercy to meet them. May they find peace in your presence, courage through your grace, and confidence in your promises.

For the medical professionals that work tirelessly to serve these families, we ask for your mercy to meet them. May they find wisdom in your truth, grace in your sacrifice, rest in your presence, and strength in your Spirit.

For the friends and family that are supporting these families, we ask for your mercy. May they find joy in your presence, wisdom in your word, and faithfulness in your Spirit.

In our brokenness, we see so clearly our need for you, so we ask humbly for you to meet us when we feel too tired or too discouraged to reach out to you. We know that you call us to remember moments of your faithfulness with gratitude and to stand on your promises. Please grant us, in your mercy, hearts that look to you to meet us in our times of need and thankfulness for how you lead and guide us so faithfully.

We love you and thank you for sending Jesus to make the way for us to experience your mercy and grace.


Psalm 23Isaiah 30:18Luke 1:78Ephesians 2:4-7Hebrews 4:161 Peter 1:3-5

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