How We’re Changing Lives

More than 20 percent of children in America –– that’s 14 million –– face special healthcare needs. Ranging from allergies to developmental conditions, disease, and beyond, a medical diagnosis often carries with it fear, isolation, and lots of questions.

We help people tell their story, from the good days to the bad days, and make their journey to hope accessible to other families searching for answers. Through access to continued practical resources and inspirational encouragement, our community is discovering that a diagnosis isn’t everything, they are not alone, and their story matters.

Join us in reaching more families. Let’s spread hope together.

What Our Community is Saying

  • helloHOPE has provided consistent, hope-filled, perspective-shaping resources. Quite literally a breath of fresh air.

  • Just heard of a friend's diagnosis. What an uplifting and inspiring approach to LIFE Ilya and Todd have!

  • I never saw having, a physical handicap has a blessing. But after reading this story. [I] am here to say thank you Father God for physical handicaps. Claire has brought so much joy and goodness to my heart. Watching her brings life to me. No complaining, no selfishness, no hatred. My prayer is that John and Caroline continue to look toward heaven for where there help comes from.

  • My 10 year old daughter was just diagnosed with EOE, trying my best to find research on this new diagnosis but very frustrating ... Good to know that I’m not the only one going through this frustration.

  • This is, indeed, a wonderful story of love and hope. I especially loved this quote, 'Persevering through difficulty means rejoicing in small moments, and all of the small victories and moments add up to a life transformed.'

  • This has been such a blessing to find. We found today that our girl we are expecting has down syndrome. It’s a lot to take in.

  • I came across this story while doing some research on SMA. What an amazing couple to do everything possible to make Skylar’s life meaningful... I’m a home care nurse with an SMA type II patient who is 24 years old now. The lifelong challenges are real, and there’s nothing better than the loving support of another parent who has been through it or are going through it.

  • The Prayer Journal has strengthened our faith. It's helped our family member through his mental health and medical issues. Thank you.

  • The Prayer Journal is very helpful in keeping my thoughts organized and focused, more intentional. It also allows me to pray for those people with conditions, situations that I had not thought to be more specific about and to add to my prayer list.

  • The Prayer Journal is extremely useful and powerful.

Is Medical Adversity Affecting You?

Medical adversity hits nearly every family in some shape or form. The journey of grappling with symptoms, discovering the diagnosis, walking through treatment and the unknown of whether healing will come for their child tests the limits of any parent’s hope and faith.

 We make the choice to hope or despair based on the stories we read on the internet and our interactions with friends and colleagues. Too often loneliness wins out over community and despair wins out over hope. That’s why we’re here. Hope is real, and it’s here for you. We’ve put together a few suggestions on where to go from here:


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