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Prayer Journal Download

A step-by-step resource when you don’t know what to pray


Prayer is a powerful tool for finding strength, hope, and peace when you are facing medical challenges. But how do you talk to God when you’re at a loss of words? How do you engage with the Lord when you feel like you’re overwhelmed with emotions? This free prayer journal download for families facing medical adversity is designed to walk you through different aspects of your medical journey.


Finding hope through prayer

This prayer journal is designed to help you connect and dialog with God as you walk through the medical journey. Our desire is that you will find the strength, encouragement, and HOPE you need for each day from the Author of hope as you go through this journal.

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.”
– Psalm 42:7 –

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.”
– Colossians 4:2 –


Who is this prayer journal for?

Are you a family walking through medical challenges?
If you’re waiting for a diagnosis and dealing with the unknown or you’re living through doctor’s visits, procedures, or even hospital stays, this guide is for you.

Do you want to support a family facing medical adversity?
From immediate family to friends to colleagues, medical adversity touches each and every life in some way. This journal will help you pray for and support your loved ones more specifically than before.


How to pray for hope through medical challenges

There isn’t a mysterious formula or secret to prayer. The Lord desires to connect with us, encourage us, and make us more like him. Still, there are times when it’s helpful to have a tool that will put our mind, heart, and emotions in a place where we can process what we’re going through in prayer. Here is a breakdown of the purpose behind each section of the guide.

Engage your heart

The emotional ups and downs of any medical journey can make it easy to go into survival mode. During these times, it’s so important to engage your heart. This prayer guide provides questions to help you unpack areas where the Lord wants to meet you and minister to you in grace.

Align with the Lord’s heart

The truths of the Bible are instrumental in finding and holding onto hope. There are stories that help us to relate to God during times of pain, stress, or hurt. There are pieces of wisdom that help us to keep perspective. There is also joyous praise to offer to the Lord and lift our spirits.

Find a starting point

One of the challenges with prayer can be simply knowing where to start. Circumstances can overwhelm us, and leave us at a loss for words, so this prayer guide also includes starting point prayers to guide you in those times.

Celebrate hope

When we engage the Lord in prayer, He loves to meet us and give us His hope. As you walk through your journey, there’s space to record your answered prayers. Answered prayers are anchors for our soul and powerful reminders of the faithfulness of God.


A peek into the prayer journal

Within each section, there are scripture verses to connect you with hope-filled truth, questions to engage your heart, and a starting point prayer for the times when you don’t have the words yourself. There is also space for you to record answered prayers that you can look back on as moments of God’s faithfulness along your journey.


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