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 Stories of Hope

When a family receives a diagnosis for their child, it can turn life upside down. It’s not uncommon to be handed pamphlets about a diagnosis and then be told, “don’t Google it” by a medical professional. But parents want to know what daily life will be like, how others cope with the diagnosis, and what the future may hold.

Internet search results for a diagnosis often hold a mix of medical information, posts on discussion forums, and a wide range of stories — many of them worst-case scenarios.

Our Stories of Hope fill the gap for families searching for information about a diagnosis. Our goal is to publish stories that talk candidly about the hard days with a diagnosis and also focus on how they hold onto hope and faith in daily life.

Ultimately, our stories of hope are a way for families to know that a diagnosis doesn’t define them, that they are not alone, and that their story matters.


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How the Storytelling Process Works

Honor is a top priority in the storytelling process. We want to honor the time and experience of the families sharing their story. We also want to honor the readers who will find these stories. We’ve crafted a careful process to help us balance candor, honor, and a variety of experiences — while pointing to hope.

In the end, many of our families comment about how thankful they are for a story of remembrance for their story. Our goal is for the process to be simple and easy for each family we feature. Learn more about our storytelling process and frequently asked questions.