Why It’s Ok if Your Christmas Doesn’t Feel Perfect

helloHOPE: Why It's Ok If Your Christmas Doesn't Feel Perfect

helloHOPE: Why It's Ok If Your Christmas Doesn't Feel Perfect

This post was originally published December 23, 2015. We hope you find the peace and encouragement of our ever-present King this Christmas season.

At Christmas, I love thinking about the way in which Jesus came into the world. God could have chosen any way to bring His son into the world. He could have hand-picked the most exquisite palace, the most influential family, or the largest city. The laud, honor, and display of recognition due a King, however, were nowhere to be seen in the humble stable of Christ’s birth.  

Part of what makes Jesus so approachable to me is this lowly manner in which He came. I love that Jesus was born in a stable, not a palace. I love that the first people who heard about the birth of Jesus were blue collar workers covering the night shift, not the most respected church leaders or political advisors. I love that the shepherds ran to the stable and bowed down in worship dressed in their tattered and smelly clothes, not thinking they needed to clean up their appearance first.

Jesus is not impressed with status, accolades, or political influence. He is comfortable and familiar with the unmasked version of ourselves. In fact, that is what He prefers. This Christmas, if you have found yourself feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or disgruntled, know that that does not keep you from the miracle of Christmas.

Christmas is not about creating picture-perfect holiday moments but accepting the perfect love of our Savior. As Mary held baby Jesus in her arms on that first Christmas night, it was God’s deep love for us that filled the world with wonder and joy. Yes, God came to us in the most humble way and experienced the most excruciating physical and relational pain so that He could fill every need and desire in our hearts.

His invitation to us this advent season is this: when we offer Him our entire self, marred with sin though it is, He will give us His pure and holy self, free of spot or stain. And with that pure heart comes a glorious inheritance--abundant and everlasting life in the light of His presence.

“He has exalted those who were humble. He has filled the hungry with good things.”
Luke 1:52-53